BoostWaves WA2608 Outdoor Amplified HDTV Motorized Rotation Kit with Installation Kit


  • Installation Kit includes 50ft Coaxial Cable, 25 Cable Clips, 20 Cable Safety Ties.
  • Reception Range: up to 125 miles – Flagship Model Provides Best Quality in the market
  • Gain 20-28db – Channel: VHF1-12 UHF21-69
  • Support full 360 Degree rotation using the infrared remote controller included in the package
  • Solid construction with water-proof capability. Made by Unique Imports. BOOSTWAVES Trademark

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SKU: WA-2608

Product Description

This is our best antenna by boostwaves on the market with solid construction and high quality material to withstand weather conditions on your roof! Boost waves trademark installation kit includes 50ft coaxial cable, 25 cable clips, 20 cable safety ties. Specification: frequency range 47-860 mhz gain 20-28db reception range: up to 125 miles frequency: (vhf)40-260mhz frequency: (uhf)470-860mhz vhf gain: 253db uhf gain: 303db impedance: 75 ohm max rotation: 360 degree rotating speed: 4-6 rounds/min power: 3w working voltage: ac 110v /60hz reception range: 125 miles package includes: 1-antenna main unit 1- redirector 1- power box 1- remote control 4-screws 1x 50ft coaxial cable 25x cable clips 20x safety ties(plastic tie downs) 1x instruction. Make sure you received an antenna with the boostwaves trademark logo. Boostwaves is a trademark of unique imports. -boost waves premium outdoor tv antenna amplified digital reception -stop paying those expensive cable bills -free installation kit- includes rg6 cable, cable clips, cable ties -boost waves brand uses real rg6 cable whereas others use rg59. This makes a huge difference in picture quality. -boost waves brand antenna’s are made from real abs plastic not recycled material like the others so it lasts longer and is more heavy duty! Boost waves has a dedicated customer staff to help with any questions by talking to a live representative (something other sellers don’t offer) -buy boost waves brand you’ll be happy you did.


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