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8 thoughts on “Boostwaves Setup & Troubleshooting Guide

  • Wayne Johnson

    I recently purchased a WA-2608 antenna. after putting it together, before I installed on my roof i tried to check out the rotor to insure it worked. It doesn’t. The red light on top of the box is on and the red light inside of front of box is on and red light is on on the antenna. When I push the button on top or on the remote the green light comes on in the box but not movement of the rotor. It makes no noise or anything. What do I do next?

  • admin Post author

    Dear Wayne
    thanks for the email
    I apologize for the problem with the antenna received
    Please make sure you are not using any splitters as they cause signal loss, and do a full channel scan on your TV under antenna mode
    please let us know if you are still having a problem and we can send out a replacement rotor to you asap.


  • gloria watkins

    I was so happy to get this since I cant afford cable I put it togeather and it worked great then a week later my tv wont work so ur troubleshooting gudide said to put the coaxial right in to tv and I got some channels not as many so all the lights work like u say put it does not move ot work if I put the wire back in to pleases send me a new box the antenna works and is up on my house …thank u I have the wa-2608

    • admin Post author

      Hi Gloria!

      thanks for the message. We would be more than happy to replace it for you. Please contact our Customer support line on (310) 598 2090 with your order number, and we can go ahead and send you a replacement.


      • Gloria

        I brought it on Amazon how do I find the number it was before Xmas and I had it just a little bit before I could get it up on the roof. Thank u for responding

        • admin Post author

          Hi Gloria,

          Not a problem, I managed to find your order. Please give us a call to confirm your address and we will ship it out today.